Hello friends!

Thanks for dropping by – you may be thinking, “Why is she creating a website?” Or maybe not.

But I never thought to do this until I recognized the hunger that people had to learn about how to take care of their bodies. Why else do we use Siri or Google to search for healthy nutrition tips, exercises, advices on how to recover from ankle sprains, etc. Whether you’re a collegiate athlete, stay at home mom or an older individual with a history of health difficulties – we all face physical aches and pains throughout our lives and we all can be more aware of how to better care for our bodies!

Join me in this adventure on how we can help learn and grow from each other to promote health and wellness!

Drop a line to say hello and feel free to suggest various topics that you would like to read about. Whether that be something specifically about me, the physical therapy profession (if you’re a student interested in this field), PT school, personal hurts/aches that you have, nutrition, exercises, the list goes on! Cheers 🙂


Dr. Bethany Nguyen, DPT